Writing like a Boss

From the desk of Samantha R. Uhrig


IMG_1231Today started out as any other. I ate pumpkin oatmeal in a Christmas mug, for breakfast, and afterward I dug through my dirty clothes for my NaNoWriMo t-shirt. I usually don’t start writing till the afternoon, but today I started at ten thirty in the morning. And I finished at about three p.m. with an Epilogue that pretty much ripped my heart out and tossed it to my fat old dogs. I rewrote that and now it’s a happier ending, but because it’s the final book in The Undiscovered Tribe trilogy, I’m still heartbroken that it’s over. (But perhaps it’s not?!)

And we’ll do it all over again next year. Let THAT sink in for a moment there.



(the text in this video is inaccurate; as I said, I rewrote that.)