20 One-Sentence Dialogue Prompts

20osdp(It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything! Just to recap, the only things that happened since my post on November 30th are both mine and my brother’s birthdays passing.)

Sometimes I feel like the best writing prompts are the simple, one-sentence prompts. I find them most inspiring, and they can go in so many different directions. They’re even more interesting when in dialogue form, too!

I’m breaking the one-sentence rule a few times, sorry. (;



  1. “What does ‘humans’ mean?”
  2. “Dad, why is that boy’s hair so weird?”
  3. “Something has always been off about the olive-green house across the street …”
  4. “Be careful, he bites.”
  5. “I never was any good at dragon-riding sports, yet here I am.”
  6. “You’re lucky no one saw you cheating.”
  7. “Dude, your dragon is so freaking fat.”
  8. “Well, my phone died, so we can’t keep tracking him down tonight. Wanna try again tomorrow?”
  9. “Thanks for the offer, but I’d rather not freeze to death.”
  10. “Only an idiot would fall in love with someone as deadly as me.”
  11. “Wait, wait, wait. So your name isn’t really Molly?”
  12. “Hello, just tell us your favorite color and we can get you all signed in.”
  13. “No, it’s spelled with two A’s; my dad was a little drunk when he named me.”
  14. “I am willing to trade four sapphires for the child.”
  15. “There are only two things I can’t survive without – my sister, and pine trees.”
  16. “I’m sending out a distress call. How do you spell ‘evacuate?’ “
  17. “We only have brownies and phoenixes this month, because dragons, unicorns and gryphons are top-sellers around Christmas.”
  18. “Are you kidding? That was about as unexpected as rain in Seattle, dude.”
  19. Please don’t do that, I like my hamster alive.”
  20. “The FBI probably isn’t too fond of you right now.”