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How to Build a Story from Nothing Using Pinterest

I’ve written about Pinterest story-boards a lot, and how much I enjoy making them. But all of those posts covered making boards for novels that already exist, or books you’d started planning beforehand. And it occurred to me: why not make a story-board for a story that hasn’t been written yet? That’s what we’re going over today: using story-boards to form stories out of nothing. Not only is this so much more fun than the other types of story-boards I’ve made, it’s a super-simple way to get yourself a new novel in less than an hour, and it could become a hobby or pastime because it’s so easy. So let’s get into it!… Read More How to Build a Story from Nothing Using Pinterest

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How I Became More Productive in My Writing

…Which is why I’m sharing this good news with you: I am doing so much better on my novel now. In the past 2-3 days, I’ve written thousands of words! That’s a pretty darn big deal for me. So, for the first time in months, I’m on track again!

Right now, my goal is to have the novel released on Amazon in October 2017.

I think this calls for a cupcake. Later.

For now, I want to tell you how I became so productive. Because it’d be wrong of me to keep all of this success to myself, huh?

So here’s the basics of what I did to become more productive… Read More How I Became More Productive in My Writing

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Plot Twist Ideas to Shock Your Reader

This is a rewrite of last year’s Plot Twist Ideas to Shock Your Reader. I referenced the original post for my own story (once my posts get old enough, I forget what I’d written 😉 ), but I didn’t find it very helpful. And thus, this rewrite was born!

Not everything in this post is necessarily a “plot twist” – some of them can just be referenced during your “Well, now what?” moments. Which is why I’ve sorted them from most to least drastic, so you can find just the right “twist” for your story!… Read More Plot Twist Ideas to Shock Your Reader

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9 Ways to be More Confident in Your Writing

Fun fact: the majority of my blog posts are totally unedited. I don’t even proofread!

Any time I think I’m not confident enough in my writing, I remember this fun fact. Because if I really despised my writing so much, why on earth would I be plastering this online for the whole world to see? And why would I restrain myself from disowning my least favorite stories? Why would I go through the trouble of setting up social media to get my writing noticed?

Another fun fact: I love Post-It Notes. Absolutely love. You could ask my family about it, and they’d say “Oh, yeah, she says she’s going to write her autobiography on a Post-It Note.* Not sure what’s up with that.” So in today’s post, we’re going to go over 8 ways to be more confident in your writing, by means of Post-It Notes!… Read More 9 Ways to be More Confident in Your Writing

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Why Every Writer Needs to Have a Pinterest

Why has something as simple as Pinterest helped me grow as a writer? What are the real benefits of it? That’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about. I’ve written a few articles about Pinterest already, but those zero in on specific topics. Today we’re going to zoom out a little and take a look at the bigger picture, while answering this question: How can I, as a writer, benefit from Pinterest?… Read More Why Every Writer Needs to Have a Pinterest