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From the desk of Samantha R. Uhrig

The Girl Who Frosts the Cakes

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Mobile, Alabama

It was strange that Mildred “Rosie” Fairbanks’s life went on after she found out about Pearl Harbor.

Rosie had been huddled around the radio in her family’s bakery when the announcement hit the air: the United States was going to war. That broadcast changed everything. Now Rosie is faced with challenges she’d hoped she’d never have to endure; including the looming threat of homelessness.

Before she can so much as blink, her closest friend Billy Fuji is taken from her. She can’t be certain of his whereabouts, nor his fate; all she can do to stay connected to Billy is to write letters he may never read.

Billy becomes the first of many. As the war drives away everyone she loves one by one, Rosie must confront her own delusions and shortcomings and sacrifice what matters to her most. The Girl Who Frosts the Cakes is a bittersweet, endearing story of friendship, loss, and love on the homefront of World War II.