Even More Plot Twist Ideas to Shock Your Reader

This is a rewrite of last year’s Plot Twist Ideas to Shock Your Reader. I referenced the original post for my own story (once my posts get old enough, I forget what I’d written ūüėČ ), but I didn’t find it very helpful. And thus, this rewrite was born!

Not everything in this post is necessarily a “plot twist” – some of them can just be referenced during your “Well, now what?” moments. Which is why I’ve sorted them from most to least drastic, so you can find just the right “twist” for your story!

I actually started writing this post a few months ago, at around the same time I released this post. I found it hidden amongst the sea of my unfinished drafts (seriously though, I have over 70) and, after skimming it, thought: “Hey, this isn’t half bad.” So here we are!

Without further ado:

Even More Plot Twist Ideas to Shock Your Reader

Start a war or revolution.¬†I like this one because it could work for just about any genre: dystopian, historical, fantasy, science fiction, adventure … the list goes on. I wrote a fantasy novel from the POV of dragons last year, and the only reason I kept going with the story was because I had an unlikely character inadvertently start a war. It gives you¬†so¬†much more material for the rest of the story!

Kill someone off. This is about as drastic as it gets! But it certainly is effective; especially for fantasy, dystopian, sci-fi, or adventure writers. Tip: the more time the reader has to bond with the character, the sadder the death will be!

Almost¬†kill someone off.¬†Give one of your characters a near-death experience. Maybe s/he falls fatally ill and they don’t know what caused it, and maybe they learn in the worst way that the disease is contagious. Perhaps s/he’s closest companion falls from a great height – off a roof or a cliff, maybe – and they don’t know whether he survived or not. Explore some ideas!

Reveal (or hint at) a traitor.¬†Who’s been secretly giving information to the bad guy? The best friend? The lover? The parent? Bonus points if the POV character is close to the traitor.¬†Extra-bonus points if he was only betraying them to protect them. Oooh, here’s another one: is the POV character the traitor?!

Take away the object crucial to their success. Did they lose the map? Or did the magical way-finding whatsit get stolen? Are your characters starting to blame each other for the loss?

A character disappears in the night.¬†Or in the day. Y’know, whatever you put in your tea.

Whenever possible, apply Murphy’s Law:¬†“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” So basically, imagine the worse possible thing that could happen to your characters, and go from there. For extra punch: make it even¬†worse¬†than the worst.

Swap your characters’ personalities.¬†I know, this trope is becoming a¬†clich√©. But it really does add an engaging humor element to a sci-fi story, if you’re willing to take the risk!¬†Tip: try twisting the¬†clich√© in some other direction!

Have your character wake up … but something is different.¬†Is your MC’s hair suddenly a different color? Is there a stain on the bathroom carpet? Is something dear to your character missing? Is there a long, silvery crack in the window that wasn’t there before? Has the sun disappeared?

Give one of your characters a secret.¬†This is so simple it’s almost unbelievable. A character secret is basically a “life-hack” for reader engagement, character development, and plot¬†advancement.* Is a secondary character secretly working for/friends with the bad guy? Is the MC hiding something deep and scary from everyone (even the reader)? Is someone close to the MC acting funny?¬†Tip: Don’t reveal the secret right off the bat. Leave the reader wondering, but not¬†too¬†long! If you drag it out too far, your reader will lose interest.

(*… plot advancement.¬†I originally wrote “plot forward-ness,” and I came¬†so close¬†to keeping it that way. I settled with a footnote instead. Wait, is it still a footnote if it’s in the middle of the page? I wonder about these things.)

Introduce some kind of blackmail. What secret information about your MC does the other character Рfriend or foe Рpossess? Or is your MC blackmailing someone else? Are they being forced to do it, or was it their own choice? What if there is an entire chain of blackmail?

Make a character ill.¬†This one is expendable, so you can customize it to whatever your story needs. If you’re stuck in a scene, you can give your character a cold, flu, or a night of getting sick; but if you need something more intense and exciting, give them a more drastic disease, a chronic disease, or a even mental illness. It sounds cruel, but sometimes we’ve got to be, right? ūüôā

Embarrass your POV character.¬†This is a light, not-so-drastic solution to the “now what?” issue. Was something private shared with the rest of the world? Did the character do something wrong and now everything has gone awry? Your reader will sympathize with her/him almost automatically.¬†Tip: if you can’t relate, neither will the reader!

Embarrass your secondary character(s). Does your MC feels bad for her/him? Or was your MC the cause of the embarrassment?

I may add more later on, so please come back soon! ūüôā

Let’s talk!¬†Questions? Additional ideas? Let’s talk below!

2 thoughts on “Even More Plot Twist Ideas to Shock Your Reader

  1. Sam, after conquering writers block once, I had reached it again. That is, until, I read this wonderful idea jerking blog post! Now I know exactly what I’m going to do and it should push me forward for quite a while. And then when I’m stuck again, I’ll find just the right blog post you’ve posted, and continue from there so on and so on until my book is finished! Thank you for your brilliance!

    1. Aw, I’m so happy you found it helpful!! That means a lot to me. ūüôā Writers block stinks, but I’m glad you’ve overcome it. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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