The Last Prompts

Writer’s positivity: Prompt: These are the final prompts for this November. Kinda crazy, huh? I remember the first day of this month like it was just last week: I was getting mad because I was dying to start my novel, but my sister wanted on my laptop, and then my friend wanted to FaceTime, and… Read More The Last Prompts


Before Things Get Crazy

Writer’s positivity: Prompt: Hello again, Wrimos! I figured I ought to post my prompt today, beforeĀ things get too crazy and I forget. This afternoon my grandparents are coming back from their trip, and a bit later my aunt and uncle will drive down from Kentucky for our early Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow, courtesy of Cracker Barrel’s… Read More Before Things Get Crazy

Boss News

9 Days

[Scroll down for the rest of the post. Also, brace yourself for a humongous ramble.] Writer’s Positivity: (I changed the art style, the last ones seemed a bit dark. šŸ˜‰ ) Prompt: “Nine days,” I said to myself. “Nine days,” my mom echoed. “Crazy, isn’t it?” That’s what the chalkboard in my kitchen says, anyway:Ā 9… Read More 9 Days


November 1st

Writer’s Positivity: Prompt: Happy NaNoWriMo Day! Wow, that sounded better in my head. Anyway, as you already know, today is the first day of November. A lot of things have changed very abruptly today: for example, Halloween has been swiftly replaced with Christmas. My mom said they were even playing Christmas carols in the grocery… Read More November 1st