The Undiscovered Tribe

The Undiscovered Tribe (commonly referred to as “TUT”) is a 100-page middle-grade fantasy novella I published in 2015.

This book was intended to be the first of a trilogy, which is why it ends in a big fat to be continued. Someday I fully intend to rerelease The Undiscovered Tribe as a full novel alongside its succeeders, but until then, please feel free to enjoy this original version on Amazon today.


Four wolf tribes – Water Tribe, Tunnel Tribe and Frozen Tribe – have been at war for so long no one can even remember what started it all. Two wolves try to take matters into their own paws…stealing one pup from each tribe; even Fire Tribe, which isn’t involved in the war. They raise these pups in hiding, hopefully waiting for an uproar over the lost pups. They all slowly come to the realization that they’re being held captive, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Until they turn 2 years old, and they escape the only home they’ve ever known. The Fire Wolf pup, Embers, wishes more than any of the others to find his tribe and his family…and to prove the rumors regarding his “cowardly” tribe wrong. However, no one knows where Fire Tribe reigns. Fortunately for him, the Water Wolf is willing to help find his tribe. But they may ended up finding something else, and much more than they ever anticipated…

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