About The Author

This blog is dedicated to all my fellow young writers. Whether you’re ten or nineteen, from the north or the south, prefer Coke or Pepsi – this is for you. You’re never too young to pursue your passion.

Hi there! My name is Sam: Hufflepuff, Austen-reader, and follower of Jesus. I’m fueled by God’s love and pumpkin spice lattes. I’m also a self-published teenage author with one goal: to inspire you. We all have a boss writer inside us, and if I have anything to say about it, you will find yours!

My name is Samantha, but I’m better known as “Sam” nowadays. In a word (or a lot of them, rather), I’m a teenage Jesus freak who was lucky enough to be published at 13, and who makes her abode in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I did live in Seattle for a brief period, though, so don’t be alarmed if I start rambling about Mount Rainier or how nice it was to have a Starbucks on every corner.

Pictured: the view from the Space Needle in Seattle!
Did you know the restaurant up there actually rotates? I didn’t believe it, either.

This blog is a messy one, but beautifully so. And I try to keep it as organized as possible! Otherwise I’d lose my mind. The majority of my posts are, of course, writing related – I wouldn’t be able to call it Writing like a Boss if they weren’t! I like to post some little tips and tricks that I’ve learned in the process of writing, drafting, and editing, but nothing can be serious all the time – I also release fun things, like writing prompts and “share your excerpt” type posts. 🙂

Additionally: sometimes I’ll post about books I’ve read recently, and even my own books. And I’ll give you some little tidbits of my life outside of books (wait, that actually exists?) from time to time, as well.

My motto: There’s always a reason to celebrate!

Whether it’s the fact that you’ve finally finished editing that novel, or you managed to make a grilled cheese without burning the edges: celebrate those victories, big and small! (Preferably with cake.)

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