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Irritation in the Book Aisle – Writing the Book You Want to Read

I walked up and down the book aisles of Target. Back and forth. Scanning the shelves with remarkable care, even though every title is familiar by now.

Give me some credit: I don’t have a real bookstore near me. Books-A-Million is a half hour away, McKay’s is further, and Barnes and Noble is even further. So, I go to Target. Oddly enough, it’s one of my favorite stores anyway.

I’m having some Book Struggles. It’s capitalized because it should be a real thing by now, if that makes sense.

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Why Every Writer Needs to Have a Pinterest

Why has something as simple as Pinterest helped me grow as a writer? What are the real benefits of it? That’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about. I’ve written a few articles about Pinterest already, but those zero in on specific topics. Today we’re going to zoom out a little and take a look at the bigger picture, while answering this question: How can I, as a writer, benefit from Pinterest?

Tips, Tricks, & Prompts

My Best Advice to Young Writers – Publishing, Rewriting, & More

Hey, writers! I’ve spent the last few days constructing this hodgepodge of miscellaneous tips and advice. These are basically topics that aren’t expandable enough for their own posts just yet, but are still totally worth mentioning. This list is geared toward young writers, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with an adult using it asContinue Reading “My Best Advice to Young Writers – Publishing, Rewriting, & More”

Tips, Tricks, & Prompts

Writing Prompts Inspired by Spring & Summer Colors

Okay, so it’s not summer quite yet. But we’re just a couple months away, and I’m beyond ready to start drinking iced tea by the pool. I’ve been meaning to post some summery prompts lately, but I came up drier than my parched mouth in the sun. And, though this sounds irrelevant, I have been particularly into bright colors these past few days. Why not combine them?

Tips, Tricks, & Prompts

Even MORE Character Development Points – 20 Fun Questions to Ask Your Characters

It’s incredible how real our characters begin to feel after a while, isn’t it? I created the characters in question eight months ago, at a dining table in Seattle. They’ve changed and grown so much since then, and I feel I know them from the inside out. Inspired by that thought: here are 20 fun questions you can ask your characters.

"The Undiscovered Tribe"

The Undiscovered Tribe – Second Publication Anniversary!

Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I first released TUT! I remember the night it reached Amazon. My grandparents wanted so badly to order it, but they insisted my parents should be the first to buy. It was the talk of my household, extended family, and etc. for months. My great-grandmother had her son drive her all over town, attempting to get libraries to start selling my book. And here we are now. Oh, how time flies!

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Proud of What You Wrote this Week? Share Your Excerpt!

Good morning, writers! At the moment, my Camp word-count is at 2,299. I’m so proud that I’ve written this much already, even if most of it isn’t quite what I had in mind. It doesn’t seem like much, having written just over 2K in a week – but for me, that’s fantastic. Like I said inContinue Reading “Proud of What You Wrote this Week? Share Your Excerpt!”