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Writing Prompts Inspired by Spring & Summer Colors


Okay, so it’s not summer quite yet. But we’re just a couple months away, and I’m beyond ready to start drinking iced tea by the pool.

(Mostly because, though it’s supposed to be warm where I live, it’s most decidedly not. I’m sitting on my deck right now, and my fingers are just shy of numb. It’s also raining, if that matters. Special thanks to my brother for capturing my coldness in a photo.)

I’ve been meaning to post some summery prompts lately, but I came up drier than my parched mouth in the sun. And, though this sounds irrelevant, I have been particularly into bright colors these past few days. (I pick a “color of the day” for myself now: today’s is peach, if you were wondering. Which you probably weren’t, but now you know.)

Why not combine them?

I’ve picked out 10 summer/spring colors – only the best of them – and have crafted prompts inspired by them. Some of the prompts will include the color blatantly, and some will simply give you the same feel as the color does. Or it gives me the same feel, anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I see everything in colors. Every word has a color attached to it. So my prompts may not correspond with the chosen color to you, while they make total sense to me. Please keep that in mind as you read. 🙂

Writing Prompts Inspired by Spring/Summer Colors

1. SUNSHINE-YELLOW: “Remember that day we got lost downtown? The car didn’t have air conditioning. I was miserable. That was the best day of my life.”

2. FRUITY-ORANGE: He thought he was finished. That is, until he caught a glimpse of . . .

3. SHERBET-ORANGE: I work in a rather odd ice cream parlor. . . .

4. FOREST-GREEN: “You think you’ve caught me?” She gave a short, quick laugh. “Darling, don’t you know that you can’t move trees? We’re rooted in place, just because of people like you.”

5. LIME-GREEN: He wore the same t-shirt every Thursday, and it wasn’t till yesterday that she figured out why.

6. VIBRANT-PINK: “That lip gloss really brings out the red in your eyes.”

7. SOFT-PINK: I don’t remember much. All that comes to mind is a face . . .

8. CANDY-BLUE: Their shoes were blue, and at the same time, they weren’t. He was still trying to figure that one out.

9. SEA-BLUE: Neon lights illuminated the otherwise dark streets, forming just enough light for a/n [noun] to be seen.

10. DELICATE-PEACH: “My dad bought me a cup of coffee, but it was empty.” She shifted in her seat, looking at her lap. “He . . . told me a story. . . .” (This one is my favorite!)

Got a color to add? An extra prompt to go with any of my colors? I’ll add them, and credit you for your lovely idea!

Happy spring, y’all! And if it’s warm where you are: count your blessings. 😉

4 thoughts on “Writing Prompts Inspired by Spring & Summer Colors

  1. Great prompts, Sam! Love the idea of matching them with colors!
    Our weather has been weird lately… Yesterday it was 80 degrees in the afternoon, and then within a few hours there were buckets of rain, tons of thunder and lightning, and even hail!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂
      Our weather’s been the same way! Except our weird weather has lasted all of this year: in January we were outside all the time, in t-shirts and everything. But now we’re having to wear sweatshirts, and walk the dogs in the rain! I don’t know what’s going on this year, but it’s definitely weird.

  2. Great post, Sam! I love writing prompts, and this color idea was something really creative! Prompts give me awesome ideas for my book! Love it! Post again soon!

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