"The Undiscovered Tribe"

Wolf Aging on Avalene

-1 year Small child
2-3 years Young teen (12 – 15)
5-6 Early twenties
7-10 Forties – fifties
13-14 Seventies-eighties
15 Average age of wolf deaths

This is a chart showing the aging of wolves in my books, The Undiscovered Tribe. To put it in perspective, in the first two books our main characters are in the “2-3 years” or “young teen” area. In the third book, they’re in the “5-6” or “early twenties.” Star, the antagonist of the story, is between “7-10” and “13-14.” While in real life wolves live six to eight years in the wild, this is a fantasy book, and my wolves live much longer.

Also have this drawing of a very angry Seaweed.

Angry Seaweed