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Writing like a Boss First Anniversary!

( I’m a day late, but oh well! 🙂 )

//shoots confetti

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WlaB Anniversary

June 14th, 2015. After three-five months of planning and writing posts, I wrote my first blog post, describing a zoo I built in Minecraft. This was a much-anticipated project, and I was darn excited to start promoting my book! Of course, no website receives followers within its first few breaths, and mine was no exception. I didn’t care, though – the glee of it all was too exciting for me to care if no one read it!

That glee wore off, over time. My lack of readers started to get depressing, so I suggested to my mom that I started a Pinterest account for it. She loved the idea, and two months later it was launched. Now I have at least a few people reading – including you! – and I couldn’t be more grateful. 🙂

Now, on June 15th (I’m a day late!), as I lie in bed and finish up this post that I started earlier today, I realize I’ve backspaced this paragraph several times already. I need to make up my mind – what am I trying to say?

Oh, yes.

I owe a huge thanks to my family – my brother, who reads my blog, my mom, who helped me set it up, and my dad, who manages it. And, of course, I need to thank you. Yes, you! You’re reading this, and I’m super, super excited for it! Every time I get a comment that isn’t spam (as I said above, I get a ton of it), I feel like it’s my birthday. So, to whoever has commented before, you deserve a big fat THANK YOU as well! And, finally, to all the people who read my book and gave such positive feedback, cookies to you! 🙂

//shoots more confetti
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Again I shall say it, THANK YOU!

Lots of love and gratitude,

– Sam G.