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The “Writing Blog” Update

I’ve just updated my blog to what I call the “Writing Blog” update!

If you look closely, you’ll realize the old Categories Minecraft and Artwork are gone; if you look even closer, you may notice that the topics they once held are now in Tags found at the bottom of the site. (Check tags “Minecraft” and “Art.”)

In addition, you’ll notice that these new Categories: Miscellaneous, which now holds all topics unrelated to writing; Writing – Fun Things, which is basically for anything that is both fun and relevant to writing; Writing – My Stories, in which the few stories of mine that I have posted can be found; and finally, Writing – Tips, which speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

And finally, I changed the header image above.

This update took place when I realized that most writing blogs don’t have whole Categories dedicated to Minecraft, which eventually led to a whole overhaul of my Categories. Let me know if you find this difficult in any way, or if you enjoy this update. 🙂 Thanks!

2 thoughts on “The “Writing Blog” Update

  1. “Like a Boss” is my daughter’s favorite ending to every sentence :-). Love the new top graphic.

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