November 1st – All My Best NaNoWriMo Articles to Get You Started

Happy November first, writers! What a big, big day for us all!

Because I got a new laptop and didn’t have access to the blog for a while, I wasn’t able to release as many NaNo posts this year as last. But really, I don’t think I could ever trump the whopping five NaNo-related articles in 2016, and never mind all the non-NaNo posts I released at the same time. I sure did have a lot of time on my hands, didn’t I?

Anyway, to make up for our lack of posts this year, I decided to round up alllll my NaNo articles from 2015, 2016, and 2017: a total of – drumroll – eight posts!

It’s more than it sounds, I promise.

But before we go into that, however, let’s do a super quick status update on The Girl Who Frosts the CakesI made some little updates on Facebook this week, but I still think I need to elaborate on here every once in a while. 😉

The biggest news right now is that I finished making notes for my third draft on the 29th of October; I wrote on Facebook, Phew! I finished my third draft notes before November. I think this is the first time I’ve met a writing deadline since LAST November… Little victories!

That’s about all I have to say for now. I’m hesitant to estimate a release date right now, seeing as all my past guesses have been way off. I have a few dates in mind, but I’ll keep those to myself for now. Keep coming back for more updates, and soon I’ll post some excerpts!


Now back to the initial point of the post, yes?


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How to OWN NaNoWriMo Like a Boss (2017 EDITION)

Happy NaNoWriMo, and good luck, Wrimos! Have a very merry November, and I’ll see you writers in the next post (hopefully soon).