Camp NaNo: I’ve Only Written 800 Words, & That’s Okay

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Today is officially day 4 of Camp! To those of you you are right on track: congratulations! And to those who are a little, or a lot, behind: way to go! It doesn’t matter if you’re at 50 words or 50,000 words, just so long as you’re writing.* That’s what matters about NaNo, at least to me: not the words, but the writing.

All right, I’ll admit: this post is a bit of a mess. But just stick with me, okay?

I have this tendency to “pants” my April projects, meaning I don’t plan them ahead of time. Last year I began writing a novel in January, and when I finally finished it, it was only 2 days before April! (Note: that novel was a “just for fun” type thing. There’s definitely no publishing in its future!) And this year, I was too busy working on my other project to plan much of anything.

Another one of my April tendencies: a false start. Both this year and last year, I started completely over after the first chapter didn’t go well enough. This is most likely because I’m still not used to the messy art of pantsing.

So today I needed to reach 4,000 words, per my 30,000 WCG. Have I reached that? Heck no!

I’ve got about 800. It’s never comforting when your stats look like this.

“At This Rate You Will Finish On August 17, 2017.” What a degrading feeling!

But y’know, I didn’t partake in Camp this April just to finish a novella. I don’t plan on doing anything with that disaster of a story, anyway. So why did I sign up? The community? The challenge? The sake of tradition?

No, no, and no. I’m participating in Camp for one reason, and one reason only: to renew my old habits.

After NaNo last November, I needed a mental break. I did so for December and January. But by the time February came around, I found I had an awful case of writers block. So that’s another month that I didn’t write. By the time my spurt of ‘block was over, it had been so long that I had cut writing time from my schedule entirely!

I miss the days when I could spend hours at my keyboard, hammering away at the keys till I couldn’t do it any longer. Which is why I’m doing Camp NaNo this April: to get back into the swing of writing daily. Even if it’s just 100 words a day, I want to get that habit back.

Granted, I only have 800 words this month. But guess what? I’ve only missed one day so far! And that, my friends, is pretty good for me. That’s three days I’ve been writing. So even if I write a mere 5,000 words this month, I’ll be totally content. Just so long as I’m writing as much as I can, my goal will have been achieved. (And I don’t mean word-count goal.)

Well, there’s a messy post for you. 🙂 You didn’t have to like it, but I would be flattered if you did!

Let’s talk! Why did you/will you/didn’t you participate in Camp? What matters most to you: word-count, or just writing as much as you can? Share below!

* I released the post in this link exactly five months ago! This probably isn’t necessary to mention, but I thought it was a fun fact. 🙂