"The Undiscovered Tribe"

Ideas that never made it into the book

These are the ideas I had written down but never made it into The Undiscovered Tribe. 🙂 Enjoy~


— Seaweed dies of dehydration.

— Hawk dies of blood loss.

— Anthill becomes pregnant.

— Shard is driven insane.

— Star falls in love with Shard.

— Sun is Hawk’s sister (from a different litter).

— Seaweed meets her mother, and they have a joyous reunion. But Seaweed can’t stay long.

— Embers nearly drowns while trying to visit WaterTribe.

— Shard attempts to kill Anthill in the Epilogue, but fails.

— Star follows Anthill and Shard back to Avalene (in the original plot, Anthill and Shard were the only survivors of my main characters).

— Hawk loses his hindlegs due to punishment.

— Embers loses his fire abilities after visiting WaterTribe.

— At least one of the stolen pups accidentally – or purposefully – wanders into TunnelTribe camp.

— ShadowTribe has been around for longer than any of the other Tribes.

— There is a seventh tribe (may possibly still happen).

— Seaweed has intelligence acquired from Sun.

— An elderly wolf foretells danger to come to Avalene.

— Seaweed’s biggest fear is those co-called “humans.”

— Seaweed falls in love with a ShadowWolf (may still happen).

— One character has a ‘singing’ talent.

— Avalene is full of made-up creatures (in place of squirrels, deer and other wildlife).