Writing Tips

How I write about FAINTING



Most writers tend to incorrectly describe a fainting scene, because honestly, how many authors out there have actually fainted in their lives? For me, personally, fainting scenes are easy, because it has happened to me before. Here are some tips I’ve got for you writers out there!

  • When you faint, you don’t remember it. (“Hey yo I’m hungry WHOOPS NOW I’M ON THE FLOOR.”) You just suddenly wake up on the floor, that’s it. You’ll probably be scared, because forgetting things that significant really is scary. This is the #1 thing that drives me absolutely insane in books, that the characters remember fainting.
  • Right before I faint, I’m likely to taste a salty flavor in my mouth. May or may not be blood, I’m not sure, but it’s definitely a subtle salt taste.
  • Before it happens, your vision is likely to go a little fuzzy black. If you’ve ever stood up too quickly, you may have experienced this before. My personal favorite way to describe this is something like, “a velvety black frames my vision.” (Using the term “velvety” helps readers picture it better, because textures like this are easy to imagine.)
  • Lightheadedness. Obviously.
  • Throughout the day before you faint, you’ll probably be randomly lightheaded and dizzy. For example, when it happened to me, I walked straight into a chair two hours beforehand.

Hope this helped you all out! 🙂 Good luck with your books.