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15 Fun Facts About “Writing like a Boss”

Happy July, writers! Can you believe the year’s half over already? I can’t. It doesn’t seem like so long ago when it was January 1st, and I started planning the edits on my historical novel, The Girl Who Frosts the Cakeswhich turned into a project for the whole year.

(While we’re on that topic: my editing is skyrocketing! My productivity levels are higher than ever right now, and I’m so thankful. It seems like I’ll get the second draft finished by August!)

To celebrate this new month – because everything ought to be celebrated – I’m going to post what I’ve been wanting to release all year: 15 fun facts about Writing like a Boss.

I’ve mentioned that it’s coming in a few previous posts, including my anniversary post and my first giveaway post, and I think it’s high time I actually released my fact list. 🙂

Ready? ‘Cause I am!

15 Fun Facts About “Writing like a Boss”

1. Our official pink color is #ef97c1. However, for a period of time I got the numbers mixed up, so some images include a slightly darker pink than normal.

2. On that note: the greenish color in some of the newer images is #00bfb6.

3. A few months after the blog was launched, I made a new email address for the sole purpose of a WLAB Pinterest. Besides that, I hardly use the address for anything else.

4. The Writing like a Boss Pinterest is the account I always use when I’m on my laptop, whereas I only use my personal account when I’m on my phone. Because I use the secondary account so much, I have tons of “secret boards,” including boards for hair ideas, holidays, and future pets.

5. Our original theme color was orange, not pink.

6. My “About the Author” page has undergone 68 revisions (and counting!) since its original publication, and the URL – – still bears the page’s original title: “Hello!”

7. All the images I post belong to me. Though my photos aren’t quite as pretty or neat as stock photos, I’m pretty proud that I’ve only ever used my own pictures.

8. For our most recent anniversary, I bought myself a custom bookmark! On the top it reads WLAB, and on the bottom: 2nd anniversary, 6 – 14 – 17. It also features a lovely drawing by a close friend, which I love so much. (I won’t post a photo of the bookmark, for her own privacy. 😉 )

9. It was my mom who came up with the title, “Writing like a Boss.” I fell in love the moment I heard it!

10. This was our original logo, which I used only briefly. Fiery, yes? It was inspired by the FireWolves in what was my new book at the time, The Undiscovered Tribe.

11. In original drafts, I was going to have a “buddy” who lived on the blog and made sarcastic comments about my posts. It was originally going to be a cat, then I changed it to an owl; I scrapped the idea shortly after. It would have been kind of cute, now that I think about it, but also odd.

12. The number of spam comments I get on my blog is almost overwhelming; in fact, sometimes it’s gotten so bad that we had to close comments entirely for a few days. On average, we we get 3-5 spams daily. It doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up fast. In total, we have 870+ comments in the spam folder (no exaggeration), which is even crazier when you consider that we had comments off entirely for over 6 months!

13. About a month after the blog was born, I “pantsed” a novella called I’m Different, and yes: I did post it on here. But the story was entirely unedited and – frankly – poorly written, so I took it all off the site a year or so ago. The tag for it still exists, though it isn’t viewable to readers.

14. For Valentine’s Day this year, a good friend sent me a doggy t-shirt that reads LIKE A BOSS on the back. I was so excited to receive it in the mail! (If you didn’t gather it from this picture: my dog was too chubby to actually wear it.)

15. This is the evolution of my author photos:

  1. At the beach, 2016 (and the beginning of my pink obsession)
  2. Making whipped cream on Christmas Eve, 2016 (hey look, hair dye!)
  3. “The wind in my hair. . . .” 2017 (I just really like the windswept, sunglasses look)
  4. “B” coffee mug (though my name doesn’t actually start with a “B”), 2017. I removed this one after a few days and went back to #3.

You know what’s interesting about these photos? My hair is a slightly different color in each one! I didn’t notice that till just now!

Well, those were my 15 facts about WLAB! Hopefully they weren’t all boring. 😉 Stick around for my next post, which should be coming soon! Happy July, and as always:

5 thoughts on “15 Fun Facts About “Writing like a Boss”

  1. Hey, Sam! This was a great post! I loved the creativity of doing 15 facts about WLAB! Each one was different and fun, and it was an awesome way of letting the readers know about the blog! I loved all the new things I heard. Have a great forth tomorrow! Are you celebrating today? We’re celebrating with friends today. I hope we have good weather!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

      Happy Fourth to you, too! Our celebrations are pretty spread out, and because we have a birthday in the family today, it’s hard to decipher which celebrations are Fourth of July related and which are birthday related. 😉 I hope you have a fun celebration with your friends!

  2. Your writing always makes me smile! It’s like you are sitting across the table from me and we are having a delightful conversation!!

    1. Aw, thank you! I wish we were having a delightful conversation right now. Miss you!

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