"The Undiscovered Tribe"


Facts on The Undiscovered Tribe. đŸ˜€


— It took my twenty-one days to write the first draft; however it wasn’t published till several months later, after what felt like forever of proofreading!

— I only killed off Embers because I didn’t like his character.

— Speaking of Embers; because his name is plural, Microsoft Word constantly marked sentences containing his name as fragmented! (i.e. “Embers walks” would have been corrected to “an ember walks” or “ember walks.”)

photo (35) (1)— First draft of a WaterWolf… yikes! So glad I changed it!

— My mom edited the book – without her, it’d be full of errors!

— Seaweed only speaks directly to the readers once, when she thinks to herself, “So I’ll spare you those.”

photo 2 (25) (1)— The idea for the story in general came from some cute little doodles I did one day, one of which being a winged wolf. Because of my natural love for water, I knew the main character would be a WaterWolf.

— The book has just over 20,000 words; the sequel has 25,000, and the third will probably be 30,000.

— Shard never drowned when Seaweed dropped him into the ocean – he sank into WaterTribe’s camp and they took him in.

— The song “Shining Moon” was originally Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but I changed it because of copyright.

— I actually wrote a sequel not two months after writing the first, but I didn’t like how it turned out, so I rewrote it.

— Avalene was originally going to be called “Metteh,” (based off of a book character I used to like) but it sounded odd to me, so I asked my dad for options, and he jokingly said, “Avalon.” So I changed it to Avelene (pronounced Ava-lee-n).

— In the original plot, the only survivors of the ShadowWolf prison were supposed to be Anthill and Shard, but I grew attached to Seaweed and changed the plot a bit.

— A good friend of mine created Dreary (the character whom pinned Embers down while Star killed him). Speaking of which, Dreary has been given a much more important part in the future books!

I’ll probably post more in the future, but I don’t like writing posts that are super long. đŸ™‚ Hope you liked it!