"The Undiscovered Tribe"

Even MORE TUT Facts??!


You’ll get even more of these once the other two books come out. >;)


  • Obviously, not all five main characters are exactly the same age, but they’re only a few days away from each other. The eldest are Anthill and Embers, who were born on the same day; next is Shard, then Seaweed, and finally Hawk.
  • My own personal copy of the book is actually a proof copy. Same goes for my brother’s edition of TUT.
  • There are two terms that have yet to come up in a book – “half-tribe,” which means a wolf parented by wolves from different tribes, and “tribist,” their version of racism (which, like in the real world, is a big problem on Avalene).
  • Seaweed had a sister that I had completely forgotten about until recently (*flails*); her name was Bubble. But since the WaterTribe camp is referred to as the “Bubble,” it’s like someone naming their kid “House.”
  • Speaking of Bubble (the wolf, not the camp), she’s the only wolf mentioned in a book that killed herself. (She’s brought up in the third book, which I’m still working on.)
  • In one of the original drafts of the second book, Shadowed, Seaweed’s mother joined them on their journey. She was such an important character that removing her was very stressful. (She didn’t work into the plot properly.)
  • Seaweed and Anthill weren’t kidnapped like the other pups – they were given away by their parents. (Mole was Anthill’s father, in fact. He just never has the chance to tell her that.)
  • What would have happened if the pups (Seaweed, Hawk, Shard, Anthill and Embers) weren’t kidnapped? Seaweed would have died in a battle with FrozenWolves. Hawk would have become Alpha at age three or four. Shard probably would have killed Seaweed or her family in the battle mentioned before. Anthill would be much happier, with parents who love her (something she doesn’t have). And Embers would probably die, as well.
  • Seaweed’s name was given to her before her eyes opened, going on the assumption that her eyes would be green like her mother’s. Instead they turned out to be blue, like her father’s. And “Seaweed” isn’t her original name, which goes for all her friends except Hawk. (He was too young when he was kidnapped to have been named yet.)
  • If they were kidnapped as newborn pups, they needed someone to nurse them to survive, right? Right? Originally Sun and Mole had a WaterWolf friend who nursed the five pups, but then died mysteriously. She was supposedly Sun’s closest friend, and a very sweet wolf.