English, According to Mom – #1: The Meaning Behind Ellipses & a New Word for “Terror”

Hi, writers! Happy Sunday. 🙂

This is a new series I’ve been prodded to do for a while. I figured now is as good a time as any to finally start it! So here is the gist of it.

You probably know already that I love grammar; it isn’t hard to guess. Ending a sentence with a preposition in real-world dialogue absolutely kills me, so I tend to overuse words like “which.” (Example: “That’s not to which I was referring” rather than “That’s not what I was referring to.”)

My mom – ironically enough, being my homeschool English teacher – isn’t quite as scrupulous with her grammar. And, being me, I always point it out when she isn’t being correct. We laugh a lot afterward, and move on. One time she called me a show-off. It’s all jokes, of course!

A few weeks ago, we were driving one of those curvy roads down the mountain on which we live. I don’t remember the exact context, but I do remember my mom suggesting I should start a series for all the grammatically interesting things she says.

And here we are!

To kick off our very first post in the English, According to Mom series, I have two of those “grammatically interesting” points I just mentioned. Don’t forget that my mom not only approves of this series: she is excited about it!

Don’t let me delay you any further. Here is the true, hidden meaning behind ellipses …


“The ‘dot-dot-dot’ (the ellipsis) in a sentence is for dramatic effect. It stands for, dun-dun-dun!

– Mom

… and a brand new word for your dictionary.


(noun) tear-uh-fuh-cay-shun

  1. Extreme terror, especially regarding dangerously mountainous roads.
  2. A word you use when you’re trying to say “terror,” but you overthink it and accidentally give your daughter blogging material.

I’m excited about this series! (Though not quite as excited as Mom.) I hope it goes a long way. 🙂 More posts to come! But until then:

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  1. Hey, Sam! Hi again! I just wanted to say that I laughed so hard when I read this post! I can tell I’m already going to love this series, and I can’t wait for the next post about it! Tell your mom I loved it!

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