Writing Tips

Character-Building Questions You Never Thought Of

Pair this post with The Ultimate Character Interview for all your character-building needs! 🙂

  • How does she show affection?
  • How does she handle power?
  • She has a crush. What does she do about it?
  • What does she do after a break-up?
  • Childhood nickname? Does she think warmly of the nickname?
  • Does she believe more in God or in science? Or a bit of both?
  • How does she voice her opinions? (Or: is she willing to voice her opinions to others? Why or why not?)
  • History of religion in her family? Does she follow these religions? Why or why not?
  • Coke or Pepsi? (Okay, I’m joking. But your character should still have a preference either way.)
  • Who would bring flowers to her grave? Anyone outside of family and friends?
  • At what age does she think it’s appropriate to date someone? How does this compare to the answers of her parents or guardians?
  • Your character is challenged to a fight. What does she do?
  • What’s her idea of a good time?
  • The thing she wants most in the world?
  • What does she do on a leisure day?
  • How does she show anger?
  • What does she most regret?
  • If she suddenly developed the ability to teleport, how would she use it?
  • Who does she love most in the world?
  • If she were to die tomorrow, what would she do today?
  • Is she likely to swear? (If so, which swear would she use? If not, what would push her far enough to actually say something inappropriate?)
  • How does she handle being rejected or ignored?
  • Where does she believe true happiness can be found?
  • How does she treat herself?
  • What makes her anxious?
  • Who or what does she aspire to be?
  • How does she treat her peers?
  • With whom is she most comfortable?
  • How does she treat her parents or guardians (and other family members)?
  • What animal is she most like?

    And, finally:

  • Ask your character’s peers to sum your character up in one word. (The words will be different based on how her peers view her.)

Have any more to add? Want to share your answers? Well, go right ahead and comment below! 🙂 I’d love to know more about YOUR characters. Thanks for reading!