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BEHIND THE SCENES of “Writing like a Boss” – 3rd Anniversary Special

Scroll down for video.

I’m glad to announce June 14, 2018 marked the third anniversary of Writing like a Boss! It’s been a great three years, but I suspect the coming years will be our best yet.

Starting this year, we began releasing videos to go along with my posts. To celebrate this anniversary, my tech producer (Jack) and I put together this video to illustrate what happens behind the camera; including the specifics of certain projects, like how we made the fake campfire in our Camp NaNo April video. (Spoiler alert: it was a a lot of money and effort for such a simple prop.)

This video is our first improv; which is a pretty big deal, since Jack is a great script-writer and hates being put in front of a camera without one. But I’ll tell ya, it was the most enjoyable video to film yet!

But enough of talking about the video. Here it is: behind the scenes of Writing like a Boss.