Another NaNo Prompt

NaNo Prompt #4I forgot the pattern I’ve been posting these in. I think it was supposed to be weekly, but I kinda got off track a bit.

In case I haven’t mentioned this yet, I’m a YWP (Young Writer’s Program) Participant Pep-talker this year. My pep-talk should be uploaded onto NaNo’s YWP site this week or the next, and I’ll post the link to it in a whole new post and in the footer of this site (where I have the widget displaying the URL to my Pinterest).

If you’re a member on NaNoWriMo’s site, you’re probably tired of hearing things like, “whether you have 500 words or 30,000, what matters is that you’re writing.” (I know I am!) While this is correct, let me tell you something else instead. You’re probably behind, whether it be by a hundred words or three days’ worth of words. What matters is that you can catch up, no matter how behind you are. Also, just write. Turn off those web browsers, and write.