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27 Fantastic Character Names & Meanings

Well, this is my first post in 2017, so happy New Year, writers! 🙂 To celebrate, we’ve recently added an option to subscribe to Writing like a Boss; you’ll see it in the widget beside this post (or underneath it, if you’re on a phone/tablet). Just enter your email to receive a message whenever I write a new post. It’s that easy, y’all.

All right, now that’s out of the way, so let’s get started!

I’ve been wanting to do character names for ages now. (Or it felt like it, anyway. 😉 ) Anyone who saw my unfinished posts could vouch for me. But here we are, at long last!

I think it’s worth mentioning that all of thee names are unisexso they could work for your male or your female characters. I’m drawn to these names for one reason: they’re fantastic (one of my favorite words!). They stand out on any character. Their shine draws the eye of the reader.

So here are 50 fantastic character names. Your character will thank you for it. 🙂

[A few names are missing an origin or meaning, because I couldn’t find that information. Sorry for the inconvenience!]


1. Alex
English; defender of mankind.

2. Bailey
English; bailiff [an officer, or one who carries legal authority].

3. Billie/Billy*

4. Blake
Old English; dark, or dark-haired. Also works as the reverse: pale, fair.

5. Cameron
Scottish; crooked nose.

6. Charlie
Old English.

7. Dakota
Native American; ally, friend.

8. Drew**

9. Emerson/Emery
German; brave, powerful; Emery’s son.

10. Frankie
French; free one.

11. Harper

12. Hayden
Old English; hay valley.

13. Jordan
Hebrew; descend.

14. Kennedy
Irish; helmed head.

15. Leslie/Lesley
Celtic; gray fortress.

16. Marley
Old English; pleasant wood; boundary wood; marten wood.

17. Morgan
Welsh; bright sea; one who dwells by the sea.

18. Parker
Old English; park keeper.

19. Peyton
Latin; regal.

20. Piper
Old English; one who plays the pipe.

21. Reese
Welsh; ardent; fiery.

22. Riley

23. Rowan
Gaelic; red.

24. Sawyer
Celtic; one who cuts timber.

25. Shane
Irish; God is gracious.

26. Skylar**
Dutch; a shelter.

27. Taylor
English; tailor.

* Billie/Billy – the former is considered a feminine version of the latter.

** Drew and Skylar – the gender neutrality of these names is arguable.


Please feel free to add any in the comments! I might even add your name to the list! 🙂 Happy New Years, and happy writing!

2 thoughts on “27 Fantastic Character Names & Meanings

  1. Hey Sam, this is a great post! I love unique names for characters that aren’t very popular, and this is perfect. Also, the gender neutral names help when you’re in need of one and you either don’t know if the character is a boy or girl, or you don’t have time to find a name for him/her. Happy new year! It snowed here in Washington!

    1. Well, thank you! 🙂 I fall in love with unique names myself, so long as they’re balanced properly. (i.e. The main character has a super unique name, but the other characters’ names fall flat. That bugs me!)

      Happy New Year to you, too! Aw man, I’d love to get some snow down here. We may get some this weekend, though. Fingers crossed! 😉

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