"The Undiscovered Tribe"

10 The Undiscovered Tribe Facts // Things to expect in Shadowed



  1. Seaweed’s original name was Bubble.
  2. There is a group of wolves on the border between FrozenTribe and FlightTribe that fully consists of half-tribes. Most of them are TunnelWolf/FrozenWolf, because of how close those territories are. These wolves are outlaws, and have moved constantly. Whether or not they’ll make an appearance in any future book I haven’t decided yet.
  3. The book has one review on Amazon, a five-star review.
  4. The first person to buy the book was my grandmother, who bought five copies.
  5. During my outlining process, I thought Anthill would be my favorite character (I’d found her fake muteness fascinating). When I first started writing, Hawk became my favorite. Once it was finished, Seaweed was.
  6. I have mates picked out for Seaweed, Anthill, and Hawk.
  7. Seaweed and Pebble are direct cousins. (Their fathers are brothers.)
  8. Hawk is Alpha Cloud’s son. For kidnapping the Alpha’s pup, Sun’s existence is a forbidden topic in FlightTribe.
  9. Anthill’s name given to her at birth was Puzzle. And on that note, Mole is her father.
  10. The song “Shining Moon” is so familiar to Seaweed because both her mother and Sun sang it to her as a newborn pup. It’s not the lullaby she thinks it is, though …
  11. On the subject of “Shining Moon,” there are more verses to the song. I don’t have them written down, but I remember the lines, “ashes scattering” and “no hope left.” As I said, it’s not the sweet little lullaby that Seaweed thinks it is.

Facts are fun. Now, it’s been almost a year since TUT’s first draft was written. What are some things to expect in the sequel, Shadowed ? Let’s find out!

  • ShadowWolves who claim to be allies.
  • WaterTribe’s destruction.
  • The truth about Sun’s death. And also Embers’ death (but only subtly).
  • Shard returns.
  • Seaweed having a short-term memory loss. (She forgets about everything that happened after leaving the cave.)
  • A mission to rescue Hawk.
  • And more that I’m probably forgetting. Yay!