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Why Rewrite? – why you should rewrite your book right now

Why Rewrite-


My #1 advice to writers of all ages: REWRITE! (I actually want a t-shirt that says that, because I just can’t stress it enough.) But why should you rewrite?

You all know that one book. You know, the one that you’ve been working on for years and you haven’t gotten past chapter ten. If you don’t have one, then you must be a new writer.

If this is happening to one of your books, but you don’t want to trash it yet, rewrite it. Trust me.

Rewriting an entire book sounds time-consuming and boring; I’m bored just thinking about it. But no, it can be quite fun – you have the freedom to change anything! You can change your protagonist’s name, add a love interest or two (or seven); heck, change the whole plot while you’re at it! Rewriting can be fun if you make it fun. It’s like writing a whole new book, but the details were decided for you. I know, sounds great, doesn’t it?

You’re walking down the sidewalk in the rain. A mysterious girl gives you a crumpled-up ball of paper as she walks away. You’re about to throw it away, but you stop to read it first. It looks something like this:


“The second time” is kind of inaccurate. Sometimes it will be the third, fourth, or even sixteenth time, but it will always be better. This is a 100% guarantee (or your money back!). Why don’t you try it this weekend, or for Camp NaNo (like me)?

Rewriting a Scene or Chapter:

Here’s another thing I just can’t stress enough: the #1 cure for writers block is rewriting the last thing you wrote, whether it be a few paragraphs or three chapters. For example – I spent all morning today writing. It was epic. And suddenly … BAM, WRITERS BLOCK! I decided, while reading a book at the park, to rewrite everything I’d written this morning. It was a hard decision, because I love what I’ve written, but the book will be better in the long run if I change it. It’s an easy solution to all your writers block problems, and much quicker than waiting it out.

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