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Plot Twist Ideas to Shock your Reader


  1. Your protagonist develops a fatal illness.
  2. A character close to your protagonist isn’t who he says he is.
  3. The parents are working for the antagonist.
  4. Your protagonist quits her mission.
  5. Two unlikely characters share an unexpected kiss.
  6. One of your characters goes missing during the night.
  7. Your protagonist has to create a secret identity to protect herself.
  8. An animal companion delivers a terrifying message.
  9. An extreme hurricane sweeps the nation.
  10. Kill off your favorite character in any way you’d like.
  11. Create a scene, character, or chapter based on your favorite song.
  12. A couple’s break-up greatly affects your protagonist.
  13. Break the fourth wall.
  14. Your protagonist attacks and fatally wounds her love interest (or vice versa).
  15. Your protagonist accidentally destroys the item necessary for success (e.g. a document or sorts).

Comment any others you can think of, or how you used these in your story! 🙂 I’d love to hear how you made these prompts unique.

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