9 Ways to be More Confident in Your Writing

Fun fact: the majority of my blog posts are totally unedited. I don’t even proofread!

Any time I think I’m not confident enough in my writing, I remember this fun fact. Because if I really despised my writing so much, why on earth would I be plastering this online for the whole world to see? And why would I restrain myself from disowning my least favorite stories? Why would I go through the trouble of setting up social media to get my writing noticed?

Another fun fact: I love Post-It Notes. Absolutely love. You could ask my family about it, and they’d say “Oh, yeah, she says she’s going to write her autobiography on a Post-It Note.* Not sure what’s up with that.” So in today’s post, we’re going to go over 8 ways to be more confident in your writing, by means of Post-It Notes!