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Happy Anniversary, WLAB! – Giveaway Winner Announced!

A super-special thanks to my supporters, followers, and friends – without whom, I wouldn’t be here. Your support means the world!

I’d also like to thank my dad, who manages my blog with me, for his patience. All those times you tried to convince me to turn off comments entirely because of the amount of spam we get, and I said no; and those times I annoyed you about helping me fix website bugs, and you did. Thanks so much!

Happy anniversary, Writing like a Boss!… Read More Happy Anniversary, WLAB! – Giveaway Winner Announced!

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New Year, New Look

Hello again, writers! Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about WLAB’s appearance. When I first posted the header, featuring the dark pink typewriter keys, I got several compliments on it. I loved it, too; hence why I kept it for so long. However, the image was very dark, and I was starting to… Read More New Year, New Look

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Homemade Christmas Gifts

  Merry almost-Christmas, y’all! Christmas is seven days away. Isn’t that crazy? It feels very surreal to me, because I’m mentally stuck in September. It’s like my mind has been on hold since I moved back to Tennessee. Like my dad says, “Time doesn’t like to stand still.” Another surreal fact: last Christmas I gave… Read More Homemade Christmas Gifts

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9 Days

[Scroll down for the rest of the post. Also, brace yourself for a humongous ramble.] Writer’s Positivity: (I changed the art style, the last ones seemed a bit dark. 😉 ) Prompt: “Nine days,” I said to myself. “Nine days,” my mom echoed. “Crazy, isn’t it?” That’s what the chalkboard in my kitchen says, anyway: 9… Read More 9 Days